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Cameroon arrives in Durban for World Cup

Indomitable Lions of Cameroon

Indomitable Lions of Cameroon

Paul Le Guen, Head coach of the Indomitable Lions, sounded very confident; this confidence was illustrated by his optimism on the Lions performance in the World Cup finals which is just three days away.

Paul Marie Le Guen faced the press Monday 7th June in Yaoundé. He affirmed that the training was intense and carried out under good conditions. This notwithstanding, Paul Le Guen acknowledged some lapses at the defence and midfield which he hopes to rectify before Cameroon plays the first game in South Africa.

Reacting to allegations that he has not yet found the most effective formula or pairings from the twenty three players, the Head coach dismissed the claim calling for Cameroonians to be patient and see what combination shall be staged.

He was positive that a more competitive spirit now reigns within the team than before. In a separate development, Cameroonian strikers, Eto’o Fils was a guest at the Cameroon News and Publishing Corporation, SOPECAM this Monday 7th of June.

The international star arrived the SOPECAM moments before the premises became inundated with exited fans willing to catch a glimpse of the wonder boy of Cameroon. During the precious moments shared with news room journalists and the entire staff, Eto’o Fils assured Cameroonians that, they are determined to go as far as possible in World Cup competition.

Pamela Bidjocka, CRTV

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