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Burning Alive : The fate of Pakistani Christians

Coffins of some of the Gojra Christians killed in the terrible violence

A dramatic new documentary on the terrible events that took place in Korian and Gojra in 2009 when Christians were burned alive by extremist Muslims, has been released.

The documentary called “Burning Alive: The fate of Pakistani Christians” was written and directed by Professor Anjum James Paul, along with Nosheen D’souza and Leonard D’souza.

“This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that such a documentary has been prepared for a record of minorities and especially Christians,” Professor Paul, director of the SHADOW Organization told ANS.

“The tragic incidents of Shanti nagar, Sangla Hill and Bahminiwala took place before the incidents of Korian and Gojra and we could not find any documentary record and due to this perhaps Pakistani Christians had forgotten the impacts of these incidents. Not only houses and churches were burnt to ashes by the extremists but the Holy Bibles were also burnt without any reason.

“There was a new trend of brutality in Christian Colony of Gojra when on on August 1, 2009, Islamic extremists burnt alive seven Christian women and children.”

He said his SHADOW Organization had worked closely with the South Asian Research and Resource Centre (SARRC), Islamabad, after the tragic incidents of Korian and Gojra “where people,” he said, “are still in the state of fear.”

Professor Paul continued saying that this documentary “reveals many questions” such as the “irresponsible role of Pakistani governments” and the “discriminatory laws against the minorities in the Constitution of Pakistan which has dual standards and has failed to provide equal status and equal rights to the minorities as described in various articles.”

Professor Paul sent on to say, “Pakistani educational institutions also create sense of segregation and hatred against the minorities and their religions even in the textbooks. Pakistani Christians are living under threats and this documentary was made to make the government, people and human rights organizations, realize that Christians are being persecuted for their faith.”

He concluded by saying, “Both of the organizations are especially thankful to ASSIST News Service for their collection of reports and pictures on the violence against Christians in Pakistan. We hope that this documentary will create awareness in the people to raise their voice for their rights.”

Dan Wooding, Assist News Service

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