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British Reverend enables Mexican Mother to reach her Hispanic Community through Bible apps

Thanks to a unique partnership, British apps Rev. Victor Robert Farrell and Mexican mother Laura Hercha, are having an increasing impact among iPhone users across the Hispanic communities in North and South America.

Laura Hercha

Each day Rev. Farrell writes morning and evening devotionals for his ‘WhisperingWord’ iPhone and iPad Bible apps and emails them across the world from his home in sleepy Seaford in Essex, UK to Laura, who was born and raised in Mexico, but now lives with her husband and children in Denver, Colorado.

Once Laura has translated these into Spanish, Hispanics across North America and throughout South America read these thought-provoking writings resulting in an increasing impact on their families and communities. Most ‘WhisperingWord’ apps are downloaded in the Americas and a large percentage of those users are Spanish speakers.

“I have a Colombian friend living in the US who, through the internet, shares these meditations with her family in Colombia and then her family shares them with their church; I see this happening all the time,” said Laura.

Laura explains why she believes these devotionals are having such an impact: “Pastor Farrell’s meditations are not just ‘light’ meditations. They are ‘meat’ for Christians. They really make you reflect on so many things. Sometimes I am translating and I have to stop because God moves my heart so much with a meditation that I have to get on my knees and weep and repent, or pray and be thankful for something!”

Laura has been running her own translation business for the past 17 years, but she sees her translation work for Pastor Farrell as a tremendous ministry opportunity:

“When I knew about this translation, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘The Great Commission’, since as a wife and mother of three, I’m usually very busy balancing my time between family and business. So I really don’t have the opportunity to go out there and share the Gospel with others as much as I would want to.

“Doing this through the internet gives me the opportunity of being part of the Great Commission and sharing the Gospel to all Latin American countries! I feel blessed to be part of something that Jesus told us to do, ‘to go and share the Gospel to the end of the world.’ I know that being part of this ministry is doing that: Sharing the Gospel with my people, who are Hispanics.”

Laura finds it amazing that not only is she ministering to her own people through an English Christian many thousands of miles away, but that it has also had a positive impact on her family:

“I praise Jesus for this opportunity, because there’s no other way people can relate to people on the other side of the world. Pastor Farrell’s meditations move you; they touch you and challenge you. I don’t feel this is just a job, but a blessing from God to my family and myself. Many times after I’ve translated the meditations I share them with my family during dinner time and not only have they been very blessed, but it makes it a great subject of discussion and time together for all of us! Besides, being able to relate to someone so far away from here, is great.”

Reverend Farrell is delighted that WhisperingWord is enabling Laura to fulfil this ministry opportunity:

“WhisperingWord is all about enabling other people to fulfil their destinies. It’s not so much about the promotion of my writings but it’s all about helping other people achieve their calling and destiny. So to be doing this with Laura, is just a privilege.”

The British apps Reverend hopes he can continue to reach more and more people in this ever-growing mission field:

“With my experience having worked in Florida, I can see how the Latino community is an ever growing community. Even though the US is still the largest English speaking mission field in the world, it also became evident to me that it’s going to become the largest Spanish speaking mission field in the world since iPhones are very popular in the Latino community!”

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