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British Apps Rev Reaches Worldwide Audience

From the sleepy town of Seaford in South East England Reverend Victor Robert Farrell is reaching thousands in more than 50 countries around the world, with his live suite of WhisperingWord iPod, iPhone and iPad Bible apps, not just in English but even in Spanish.

“It’s fascinating that I can sit in my study and I can be ministering twice a day to people in Mexico City, Chile and the many Latinos in the USA. It’s just amazing that you can carry out ministry from the land that time forgot Seaford in East Sussex and still be able to reach out to thousands of Christians globally and non-Christians who can download these applications,” said Rev Farrell.

He added: “I think this is one of the most exciting opportunities. There aren’t many other individual evangelists doing this in the Christian world, so I’m happy to be on the cutting edge and reaching out to folks.”

In the past few months already there have been more than 3,500 downloads of the WhisperingWord apps in more than 50 countries. The iPad app is a one click download from I Tunes and has a dozen components all fully integrated. These include:

Word for the week

Wake Up! Morning devotions

Night time devotions aka “Night Whispers”

Old and New Testament book overviews

Embedded YouTube videos


Book Me

Forum (the best of free discussion apps)


Inform my friends


Blog which is also updated daily With all of this the apps continue to receive very positive feedback. Jeremy Cox pastor of TV Church in Oklahoma City said: “The content contained in this application is one of a kind. The writer brings a fresh perspective on God’s Word that challenges, inspires and convicts. I would recommend these as some of the best cell phone apps, iPod apps and iPad apps available, to anyone who wants to laugh, cry and learn. So much of the writing seems to flow from the life experience of the author which makes it so much more meaningful. You will not only enjoy this app but you will look forward to reading it every day. Great job!”

The Iphone app has an eight star rating on I Tunes with some of the following reviews:

“I downloaded this app the other week and have been using it every day since. It’s the first daily devotional for the iPad/iPhone I’ve come across. A really encouraging thought for the day with a quick Bible reading. I struggle to find a quiet time in the work week and can’t carry a big daily devotional book and Bible around with me. But now I have a source of encouragement on my phone. It’s a great idea and I can’t believer it’s not been done before.”

“An amazingly comprehensive devotional app. I haven’t seen anything like it before and I could get lost in the app for hours. With continually updated content there is always something new. A great daily companion.”

“At last an application that gives deep theological teaching with a razor edge prophetic insight. The daily readings are not only soaked with Biblical insight but also earthed in day to day life. This is a must app for any serious minded Christian. It is brilliant!”

Victor Robert says he’s amazed to find that 95% of his market is in America and over 50% of that market is Spanish speaking.

“What we’ve done is we’ve looked at where the centre of the church is and it’s in the Latino community and having spent six years church planting in Miami and Kentucky we’ve been targeting the Latino community predominately in America.”

Victor Robert has a unique background that brought him to this exciting ministry venture: “I’ve been in full-time ministry for more than ten years. I became a Christian thirty years ago when I was on a Polaris boat in the Royal Navy, so my Christianity has always had to be raw and real and relevant. I think this is why my down to earth style of writing is appealing to the average man on the street.

“Part of my journey has also been to spend a number of years in the IT industry, which gave me some handle on the use of internet and communication. Now the rate of change is so substantial in mobile communication. The reality is in a global market providing you can access resources throughout the world it is comparatively cheap.

“Being an avid iPhone user I investigated what I could do to get my writings out there to a global community that’s just exploding in mobile applications. The release of the Apple iPad, with such an amazing screen it just lends itself to stuff that you can do.”

The apps Rev is hoping he can continue to capitalise on this vastly growing technology by impacting more and more around the world through his ministry. For more details on how to access the WhisperingWord apps go to:

He also has an active preaching ministry and can be booked to speak anywhere through his apps. For information about Victor Robert’s Ministry and how to purchase any of his writings see:

You can also contact Victor Robert directly at:

You can also contact Victor Robert directly at:

Tel. +44 7975 805 323

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