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Blind Chinese Human Rights Activist Released From Prison

ChinaAid is reporting that Chen Guangcheng, the well-known blind human rights activist, has finished his sentence of 4 years and 3 months, and was released at 6:30 AM on Thursday, September 9, 2010.

Chen Guangcheng from the ChinaAid website

“While in prison, he was brutally tortured and denied proper care,” said a spokesperson for ChinaAid. “He is currently in bad health and needs medical treatment.

“Though he is out of prison, Chen Guangcheng’s freedom is not yet complete. His family has been monitored and even harassed by public officials during his imprisonment.”

According to reliable sources, said ChinaAid, the authorities have threatened Chen and his wife that they will throw any family member in prison at any time, if they fail to cooperate.

“When he was released, Chen’s wife Yuan Weijing, his daughter, and his elder brother were not allowed to pick him up from prison,” the spokesperson went on to say. “Instead, they had to wait to greet him when he reached his home. Now he and his family are being closely monitored by more than 20 policemen surrounding his home. No one has been allowed out of the house today, even for shopping, though his wife was able to buy vegetables the day before.”

Chen Guangcheng, a self-taught lawyer, exposed the atrocity of 130,000 mass forced abortions and forced sterilizations in Linyi County, Shandong in 2005.

According to Reggie Littlejohn, ChinaAid’s One Child Policy expert and the founder of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, “The use of forced abortion and coerced sterilization in Linyi County and elsewhere may be the result of pressure placed on officials to meet target or quotas set for their provinces to meet population goals.”

Because he spoke out against these draconian measures, Chen was imprisoned in August 2006. He was charged with “damaging public property and obstructing traffic.”

Time Magazine named Chen Guangcheng as one of “2006’s Top 100 People Who Shape Our World,” in the category of “Heroes and Pioneers.” He was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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