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BIYA opts for partnership to attain Millennium Development Goals

President Paul BIYA made a speech at the World Summit on Millennium Development Goals in which he called on the international community to develop a partnership if we are to attain the MDGs by 2015.

The President of the Republic addressed world leaders at the summit on Tuesday 21 September 2010. His speech was based on the 8th Millennium Development Objective, which calls for an international partnership for development, access to energy and the provision of jobs.

President Paul BIYA made clear his perception that the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals depends largely on the putting in place of the global partnership, since this will entail the putting in place of a more just economic and financial system, the global treatment of the debt burden, the stable and efficient allocation of public development aid, increased access to essential medication and the reduction in the numerical gap.

Speaking on the issue of energy, President Paul BIYA said it was without doubt true that the availability of energy has a multiplier effect on the achievement of the goals of reducing poverty, on education, health, gender and the environment.

Concerning the provision of employment, the Head of State declared that employment is the most determining factor in the reduction of poverty, in personal dignity, in collective wellbeing, in the sustainable growth of countries and for the stability of our states.

To underscore the importance of these three development objectives, President Paul BIYA stated that the Cameroon Government has elaborated and is progressively implementing its Strategic Document for Growth and Employment, and many other actions, including the adoption of the Vision for Long Term Development, which aims at making Cameroon an emerging nation by the year 2035; by continuing with fiscal reforms that can attract investors and putting in place a more friendly business environment.

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