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Billy Graham expresses appreciation for prayers for his recovery

Evangelist Billy Graham, who was admitted to Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC, a short distance from his home in Montreat, NC, on Wednesday, May 11, 2011, for observation and pulmonary treatment, has expressed his appreciation for prayers for his recovery.

Billy Graham preaching

The 92 year-old preacher said from his hospital bed, “Thank you for your wonderful support and prayers for my recovery. I am doing better with each passing hour, and I am grateful for your concern, and send in return my appreciation and love for you all.”

The ASSIST News Service has learned from a hospital spokesperson that Mr. Graham had a comfortable night and was able to sleep well. He is listed in fair condition.

Mr. Graham’s pulmonologist, Shaw C. Henderson, MD, has confirmed that he does have pneumonia, as indicated by initial tests, and that his temperature is normal.

Dr. Henderson said that Mr. Graham is doing well and is being encouraged to resume his normal activities, including his ongoing program of physical therapy. No discharge date has been set.

The hospital spokesperson for Mission Hospital says that Billy Graham’s staff and family have asked them to give you a brief update on his progress today.

It reads: “Following his rounds this afternoon, pulmonologist Shaw C. Henderson, MD, confirmed that Mr. Graham’s temperature remains normal and that his congestion is clearing in response to antibiotic treatment.

“Mr. Graham remains in good spirits and continues to make progress during his stay. He resumed a normal routine today, getting up for all of his meals, and completing a light therapy program.”

Mr. Graham’s staff also noted that his pastor, Dr. Don Wilton, visited Mr. Graham in his room this morning for their weekly time of Bible study and prayer together.

For more information, please contact:
Merrell Gregory
Manager, External Communications
Mission Hospital Health System, Asheville, NC
828 213-4806
24/7 pager: 257-1202

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