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Belarus: Church Evicted

Forum 18 News reports that on Aug. 20, New Life Full Gospel Church in Minsk, Moscow, was issued an eviction notice by government officials, forcing them to abandon their church building purchased in 2002.

The church is adamant they do not fear the government’s threats. “We’re here praying and believe God will protect us,” Sergei Lukanin, the church’s lawyer told Forum 18 News. “As a lawyer I believe the state could do anything, including the use of force. But as a believer I rely on God.”

Government authorities have not disclosed why the church is being evicted, but have repeatedly refused to grant the church’s application for registration. In 2002, Belarus passed a restrictive religion law that made all unregistered religious activity illegal.

New Life Full Gospel Church is one of many churches in Belarus facing increased restrictions by the government. Forum 18 News said since July the government has fined two other churches in the western town of Baranovichi.
VOM classifies Belarus as a restricted nation and encourages you to pray for believers living under stringent conditions that do not allow them to worship freely. Ask God to encourage members of New Life Full Gospel Church and for their testimony to draw nonbelievers into fellowship with Christ.

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