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Bamboo Artisans Share Jesus

Laxmi and her four friends share Jesus when they sell the bamboo items they've crafted.

Nearly every day, five Asian tribal women travel to surrounding villages to sell their hand-crafted bamboo items. Their tribe is well-known for its excellent skills in beautifully crafting the bamboo that is abundant in their area. But when these women go to the markets, they bring something else with them: Jesus.

Laxmi, Ela, Chameli, Bindu and Aida are part of a Gospel for Asia women’s fellowship. Each one has a burden and desire to share their hope with the people they meet. Even though these rural tribal women don’t know how to read, they bring Gospel tracts with them everywhere they go.

One week, the women had an extraordinary opportunity before them when they visited one of Laxmi’s relatives, Shalini. She had suffered for more than a year from a tumor in her neck.

In faith, the five women shared Jesus’ love with Shalini and prayed for her. God answered their cries and healed Shalini, completely removing the tumor that had plagued her for so long.

Shalini and her whole family saw Jesus’ power and chose to follow Him, leaving their old traditions and religious practices to put their trust in the one true God. Six other families in their village also chose Jesus when they saw the miracle in Shalini’s life.

Laxmi and her coworkers continue their endeavors to share Christ. They request prayer for Shalini’s family, as they are facing opposition for their new faith.

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  1. Paul Peter Poli

    July 4, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    Those ladies were sharing kindness to their fellow human being for the love they have received from Jesus. It was not religion but
    a very private relationship with Jesus that they were sharing.

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