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An opportunity for Christians in Egypt to share the Gospel

As the SAT-7 team in Egypt captured the unfolding of recent events in the streets of Cairo, they noted a fascinating aspect that arose out of the Christmas Eve sectarian violence. That event gave way to something bigger, as those gathering under the banners of the crescent and the cross united for change in government.

Celebrations in Tahrir Square (Photo: SAT-7)

“The miracle of Tahrir Square came when Christians and those of other faiths prayed together,” said a spokesperson for SAT-7, a unique television service by and for the Christians of the Middle East.

Terry Ascott, SAT-7 CEO stated, “It’s a great time to pray for the church in Egypt. It’s got a great start. Christians and those of other faiths have been on the street side by side. They’ve recognized, in each other, a common cause. They’ve recognized each other as equal citizens in the Egyptian struggle.”

Even as the jubilation gives way to the realities of building a stable government, Ascott cautions believers to continue on with the momentum gained by the people. “I hope that as we move forward, the church will be able to build on that… Christians there have been marginalized for so many years,” he said.

SAT-7 offices had to be closed because of the studio’s proximity to the hundreds of thousands gathering in the streets. However, the SAT-7 team in Lebanon offered much needed support in that critical time. With their help, SAT-7 remained able to support the Egyptian church and the voice of the Christians in Egypt through live programming from the Beirut studio where we engaged with church leaders in Egypt by phone.

Terry Ascott (Photo: Dan Wooding)

“Once their situation became known, Egyptian believers were encouraged by believers across the Middle East and North Africa, especially the Iraqi church that has suffered so much,” the spokesperson added. “Iraqis openly expressed their love and concern for the church in Egypt on air. This event, which turned the Arab world upside down, could be summarized into one theme: unity!”

As Egyptian believers re-engage in society as salt and light, SAT-7 asks that believers everywhere continue to pray for the future, that it would indeed be a new era of freedom–not just freedom of expression, but freedom of citizens to practice their beliefs.

“As Christians and those of other faiths stand side-by-side, praying together for their country and working together to strengthen their voice in this amazing process, we hope the revival continues,” the spokesperson concluded.

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