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An Olympic Ministry Experience at Vision Chapel

We tend to think of mission activities in terms of sending servants of the Lord out to far flung, third world countries to reach those who have never heard the Gospel. With the Olympics in town the world comes to one place every four years and regardless of where the people come from, there will be many who have never heard this “Good News”.


Olympic traffic in London

It should however, come as no surprise that in London, to discover that the way forward on the roads is not an easy path.

“Lay Witnesses for Christ International” Bridging the Gap 2012 UK Outreach at the London Olympics has experienced some interesting challenges. Such as getting from one place to another, for example, when the Olympic Road Race Cycling has been on. For a seasoned traveller this was something else.

London is geographically a huge city. It’s taking, from where we’re staying, an hour and a half, to get to a ministry venue. Mind you we’re staying on the east side of the city and some of these venues are on the west side. The tube system works very well, getting from one train to another without any timetable difficulties.

In order to ease the expected traffic congestion, there was a public appeal for those Londoners uninterested in sport to escape the Olympics by getting out of London. Many did or have stayed out of the way of the Olympics.

Our Olympic ministry focus is obviously that to international visitors although the schedule has included some local ministry presentations.

This is one such experience.

An Olympic Ministry Experience at Vision Chapel

Our ministry team was part of a bus load anchored by evangelist, Ronnie Raven, “The Preacher Machine” from the Ozarks in Missouri. We linked up with an energetic Nigerian group from Vision Chapel in Hackney Wick.

We were treated to the country sounds of Latrelle who sang of her Savior followed by cerebral palsy survivor Chris Stephens playing and singing his own compositions in praise of his Lord as a prelude to Ronnie, The “Preacher Machine”.

Ronnie in full flamboyant style presented the first 21 chapters of John in a manner that would rock the foundations of any quiet little village church or even a great big empty one.

In these first 21 chapters we discover the full character of Jesus from The Son of God to the Bread of Life and from the Servant King to the Uplifted Savior and finally the Conqueror of Sin and Death to the Restorer of the Repentant.

The bottom line of this address was that for many churches, Jesus will not barge into the house. He stands at the door and knocks and waits for the invitation to come in. It’s the same for us as individuals, we too need to invite Him into our hearts.

Our LWFCI Team on the ground

In the LWFCI team are a broad collection of former champion athletes and sport stars who have found that Christ. They have a greater reward than any gold medal can give.

Many of these athletes have discovered a God who loves them despite their failures and frailties and they no longer stand alone. These champions are here in London to share with all those who they meet and the message is simple,

The message is that God loves you just as you are and if you will only turn to Jesus and accept Him as your Lord you are more than conquerors.


Jonathan Mayne from Melbourne Australia is part of the LWFCI team in London as part of the Bridging the Gap 2012 UK Outreach ministry team. He is a former world and national canoe champion and serves on the respective International Committees for Canoe and Dragon Boat Federations. He is married to Jenny who is pictured here with him

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