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An Effective Way to Reach Muslims With The Good News Of Jesus

On Wednesday, August 25, Friday August 27, and Saturday Morning August 28th, 2010, members and friends of the Village View Community Church participated in an innovative seminar entitled “Jesus to Muslims” which asked the question: “Do you have knowledge of Islam and know how to share Jesus with Muslims?”

Dr. Steven Masood chatting with seminar participant

The Village View Community Church in Summerfield, Florida, with a membership of 2,000-plus, hosted the event which was well attended, including this reporter, who travelled over 200 miles to evaluate the content of this seminar.

Attendees were invited to come and learn how to engage in the spiritual battle for the salvation of Muslims.

Presenters were Dr. Steven Masood from Pakistan and his American wife Karen.

Also featured was a video from Kamal Saleem called “The Persecutor,” a DVD Testimony of a former terrorist who was “loved” into the kingdom of Jesus.

Jamal is a great communicator. His story is inspiring

Then, Jamal Jivanjee, shared how a Muslim born in America came to follow Jesus. His moving story which told of the ten years it took for God to touch his fanatical Muslim father, went into overtime with the audience agreeing to go past the appointed closing time.

Dr. Steven Masood, using PowerPoint images on the big screen, presented a logical, carefully crafted presentation on how God used three events in his life to bring him to Christ. It was equally compelling because he would speak the Arabic and translate it with the script shown on the screen. This was done to show the sensitivity to the possibility that Muslims might be in the audience.

Masood said that he was committed to being a “perfect Muslim,” and by the age of 13, had memorized the entire Quran but then, he said, his best friend gave him the Gospel of John in his native Urdu language. By that time, his deep quest for pleasing “Allah” made him ask many questions of his leaders and Muslim Scholars. The answers they gave him, he said, confused him and deepened his desire to further search for the Truth.

This led to his second encounter when he was 15+ when his search for Truth led to him getting a Gideon New Testament from the Pastor of a Scottish Church in Pakistan. This led to Masood acquiring a Bible and a search for clarity with the Quran and Bible side-by-side by the time he was 20.

On a side issue in his search, he was led into a Dalit (poor peasants) service in his country where he heard joyful singing and preaching by an Evangelical pastor who ministered to these underdogs of Pakistani society. Finally his scholarship and research demanded that the evidence be received or rejected.

An Educational Event with Some Visible Solutions

This reporter has attended many seminars and watched many videos on the serious threat of Radical Islam and the intentions of the Islamic World to conquer nations for Allah and the Prophet Muhammad.

Karen in Islamic Dress

But until this seminar, I have never found any sane and sensible solution, but to expose them and fight them. This excellent seminar, however, presented the facts and solutions; To Love the Muslim into the Kingdom of heaven by sharing the Truth and by sharing this Truth with a working knowledge of the Muslim heritage and culture and what Muhammad said in the Quran.

This message was not without the serious study and knowledge of the facts of Islam, Shariah Law, the intentions, the deceptions, and the master global plan.

Masood and the others had a depth of knowledge that made me know I had been in the presence of “Real Live former Muslims” who are now brothers and sisters in Christ.

In my opinion, the Evangelical Christian Community is woefully ignorant of the Islamic threat, its intentions, and its oppressive culture, especially of women. Movie stereotypes come to mind of howling Arabs on horses streaming through the desert yelling “Allah Akbar” (God is Great!) or Lawrence of Arabia getting into the minds of Arab Sheiks through daring raids and clever negotiations; living with, and adapting to, Arab culture.

At last, we have a training and educational seminar showing us “How To and Why to reach the Muslim with the Gospel.” In our society we are told when at social events not to talk about politics, or religion. However, in an Arab Islamic Society, they love to debate and argue both issues. It has made us so sensitive to the Islamic sensibilities that we dare not lovingly confront them with the Truth.

Dr. Steven Masood has written his story in a book entitled “Into the Light,” which is a young Muslims “Search for the Truth.” You cannot put this book down as you are so inspired by the way God led a young boy through extremely difficult and almost impossible circumstances in his search for truth.

Ted Seymour

This has been translated into several different languages. Other books include; “The Bible and the Qur’an: A Question of Integrity,” “Why Follow Jesus?”, “More than Conquerors,” and ten tracts with appropriate graphics to give to Muslims. The DVD’s are entitled “A Christian-Islamic perspective on: Assurance, Women, Jihad, Ground Zero Mosque.” Equally well done are “A Christian Response to Islamic Claims,” “The Role of Women in Islam,” and “When God’s People Forget Evangelism.”

Dr. Steven Masood has a PhD in Comparative Religions from a London university and is an accurate and prolific writer on Islam and its teaching. For a copy of this Seminar & Steven’s educational materials, See or contact “Jesus to Muslims,” P.O Box 1555 Summerfield FL 34492. You can also E-mail him at: or call 954-290-0511. This is a Non-Profit organization.

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