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An AIDS virus vaccine may be imminent

An HIV/AIDS virus vaccine may be imminent. A breakthrough has been reported in the fight against HIV/AIDS. A team of U.S. researchers have discovered two antibodies that neutralise 90% of all known strains of HIV in the laboratory.

The researchers found that the two antibodies were produced naturally and were found in the blood of HIV infected persons. Officials of the Yaounde Centre Pasteur analysis are still being made and a human vaccine may be envisaged in about five years.

Veterinarians intensify campaign against African swine fever. Emergency relief services are being intensified in various parts of the North Region to curb the prevalence of the African swine fever.

The campaign to eradicate the disease is gaining steam at a time when over ten thousand affected pigs have been killed by the disease in the Benoue and Mayo-Rey Divisions.

Bernice Bate Tatah & Joe Tiemunhco, CRTV

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  1. Joseph4GI

    July 16, 2010 at 1:46 am

    Most medical research focuses on the preservation of the human body. By finding ways to elliminate disease, humans are spared from surgery, and/or the loss of organs and body parts.

    For example, medicine strives to find a cure to cancer, because it is the source of much grief for women who must have them removed in mastectomies. Most men aren’t to happy at the prospect of losing a testicle or their prostate.

    It is like a breath of fresh air to know that there are actually people working on an HIV vaccine, given the latest circumcision “trials” in Africa. Vaccine research aims to tackle the AIDS virus itself, and it looks like this research is paying off. Circumcision “studies” are unique in that they seek not to combat HIV itself, but rather work to vilify normal, natural, functioning body part to justify its destruction. Is that not the most backwards research that anyone has ever heard of? Imagine, if you will, a “research” team trying to improve on the 8-track cassette, when we’ve long since moved past the CD.

    This latest breakthrough in HIV research is to be lauded. Hopefully now we can move past circumcision and the vilification of the foreskin, and focus more on fighting and elliminating HIV. We should be working to preserve the human body, not legitimize its destruction. Aiming to preserve a surgical procedure, instead of the human body, is backwards thinking.

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