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Ali Golchin has been in solitary confinement and is now very sick

Ali Golchin (Photo: FCCN)

Ali Golchin, a 29-year-old Christian, is extremely sick after being kept in solitary confinement in an Iranian prison. His crime: Believing in Jesus Christ!

Farsi Christian News Network (FCNN) — — is reporting that in the first visit to this Christian prisoner by his father, “it was noticed that he had lost a lot of weight and according to Ali’s own statement, due to severe fatigue and weakness; he was transferred twice to the prison health center.”

FCNN says that Golchin was arrested at 8:00 am on April 29, 2010, at his own home in the town of Varamin, in the outskirts of Tehran, after spending almost 2 months in solitary confinement was only recently allowed a mere 10 minutes with his family.

“In this visit that came about after relentless efforts of Ali’s father and his repeated appeal to various judiciary authorities took place on June 17, 2010 at the prisoners’ visitation area of the prison at which time only Ali’s father was allowed to visit his son,” said the FCNN story.

“During this brief, which lasted a mere 10 minutes, Ali’s father was told that during these 51 days of captivity and detention Ali had been held in a solitary cell in the 209th section of prison and did not even had permission to leave his cell for a brief walk and exposure to fresh air.

“Ali has a lot of weight and according to his own statement to his father, during these last 2 months, has been transferred to the prison health center due to weakness and severe stomach aches. It is a well known fact that according to International Human Rights Convention every prisoner is entitled to proper medical care and treatment and the well-being of every prisoner is the direct responsibility of the prison administrators.

“Sources inside and outside the prison have indicated that this prisoner, whose only crime is belief in Jesus Christ, has been subjected to inhumane and harsh interrogation sessions. This is why after almost 2 months in captivity Ali is physically and emotionally injured and sick. He has told his family that the conditions inside the prison are unbearable.

“During these 10 brief minutes that he was allowed to visit with his father, Ali was crying uncontrollably and it was evident that he was suffering from some form of pain. This is why many Christian human rights organizations are seriously concerned that this young faithful servant of the Lord Jesus has been subjected to systematic and harsh tortures.

According to FCNN, thus far the judicial authorities, after the passage of almost 2 months, have not yet charged Ali Golchin with any crimes. Ali’s father has appealed to the judicial authorities to appoint a defense lawyer for his son, but the authorities have explicitly denied such request and forbidden the retaining of any defense lawyer or any leakage to the public media.

FCCN went on to say, “In relation to this incident, Ali’s wife has been subjected to ongoing pressures and intimidations from the security agents and has been ordered not to attend any church service anywhere. She has been told very clearly that is she desires to pursue her husband’s case with the governmental authorities she must convert back to Islam and become a Muslim.

“The Christian human right watchdogs are somewhat convinced that the reason Ali has not yet been with any crimes is because they have not been able to find any evidence of any misconduct from this young man who has been raised in a Christian family and the charge of apostasy will not apply to his case in particular. In speaking with his friend and family, FCNN was told that Ali is a person who could be charged with spying or be charged by private citizen for any wrong-doing. Also, under the current laws in Iran, it is not easy to charge and prosecute someone for mere possession of a Bible or Christian literature.”

The FCCN story concluded by saying, “Ali Golchin is a Chemical analyst and his only crime, it seems, is that he has decided to believe in Jesus Christ and because of this belief has been mistreated and persecuted. His condition, and many prisoners who have been detained for similar charges, is so worrisome that the Christians around the world should unite and mobilize intercessory prayers for the quick release and freedom of all such prisoners.”

Dan Wooding, Assist News Service

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