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AFR Listeners Fund Over 4,000 BibleSticks for Troops

In an overwhelming display of support for America’s men and women in uniform, American Family Radio (AFR) listeners responded to the network’s Military Appreciation Week (Jan. 24-28) by donating in excess of $100,000.

According to a news release from Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), the ministry behind the Military BibleStick project, listener generosity means that more than 4,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines will have their own Military BibleStick – a portable, digital audio player, pre-loaded with a complete dramatized New Testament.

FCBH says the organization is currently working on eliminating a backorder of nearly 18,000 requests by chaplains from every branch of the military. AFR listeners have effectively funded just over 20 percent of that need.

“We are so grateful to American Family Radio and their amazing listeners from across the country for their outpouring of support for the brave members of our armed forces,” said Jerry Jackson, founder and president of Faith Comes By Hearing, speaking in a news release.

Jackson added, “This radio campaign is yet another example of ministry partners reaping the blessings of working side-by-side to spread the Word of God.”

Coming together in partnership is a core value for the Albuquerque-based ministry, founded in 1972.

The news release reported that AFR leadership decided to not only partner by sharing about Military BibleSticks on air; they also joined their listeners in making a generous contribution to the project. The network’s focus was to provide as many BibleSticks as possible to those serving in America’s armed forces.

Why the Military BibleStick?

In an on air interview done during Military Appreciation Week, AFR general manager Buster Wilson said, “We believe in the men and women of our military who are out there fighting for our freedoms. What a tremendous opportunity. The Word of God in the hands of those…we love and appreciate so much. We couldn’t pass it up.”

According to the news release, through donations by radio listeners, other individual donors and the support of churches from across the country, Faith Comes By Hearing has provided more than 85,000 BibleSticks to America’s troops.

However, the ministry continues to receive requests from military chaplains every week, including a recent request for 600 from a chaplain who oversees three units preparing for deployment.

The ministry is looking for ways to meet the increasing demand.

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