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AFGHANISTAN: Christians Gain Confidence and Faith


AFGHANISTAN: Christians Gain Confidence and Faith

Christians in Afghanistan are less fearful than they were a couple of years ago, and many are dedicated to witnessing and growing in their faith.

“The fear that gripped the believers in 2010 is gone,” wrote a VOM contact. That year, two Christian men, Said Musa and Shoaib Assadullah, were imprisoned for their faith, and a parliamentary leader called for the execution of Christians.

But since then, some believers have become more open about their faith and several small groups have started meeting again. The Afghan Christians “see that God has kept them,” the contact wrote. He said one group of believers has drafted a statement committing themselves to evangelism and discipleship.

Today, persecution comes mainly from family and communities, rather than the government. Among the ongoing difficulties facing believers in Afghanistan are ridicule in the workplace, dismissal from jobs for being non-Muslim and the inability to find a Christian marriage partner.

Thank God for his work among the Afghan people, and pray that their witness will bear much fruit.

Source: VOM Sources

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