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A trafficked minor girl rescued from brothel in Pune, Maharashtra State, India

The Indian Rescue Mission (IRM), a Christian organization that rescues minor girls forced into prostitution, was able to rescue a 15-year-old girl from the clutches of her oppressors from a brothel in Pune city, Maharashtra State, on Tuesday, May 10, 2011.

A rescued girl

After hearing of her case, the IRM team went on a three day search for this girl and finally she was found and rescued with the help of local police.

According to the liberated girl, she was trafficked from West Bengal State to Maharashtra State on a false promise of job by a pimp, but then the pimp sold her for 60,000 Rupees (USD $1,364.00) to a brothel keeper in the Pune’s red light area.

After being freed, the rescued girl told members of the Indian Rescue Mission, “I ended up in this brothel and I was wondering how to get out of this terrible place. I was harassed, beaten and sexually exploited. I had to attend to 15-20 customers every day and I suffered so much pain that I could not bear the situation any longer.


Shocking scene in Pune red light area

“I do not want to be in this trade. I am happy now that I am now rescued. I hope that a good day will come for every girl who is praying for a way out from a similar situation. Now I am free and I wish to thank the Indian Rescue Mission.”

The police arrested the brothel keeper during the raid.

To support the work of Indian Rescue Mission please contact them by e-mail at: or visit their website which is:


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