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A Psychic Discovers Jesus

Traumatized at the age of six and tainted by deception, he was ultimately transformed from a life of demonic torment.

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According to a news release about the book, Tim Thompson’s true story is an astonishing testimony to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. After falling through a frozen lake, Tim’s brother drowned shoving Tim to safety.

How does a six-year-old child understand death? “God took this boy,” were the words he heard at the funeral, and from that moment Tim began to hate God.

In his loneliness and longing for his brother, Tim tells in the book how he pretended to be dead in order to communicate with the dead. Before long, he heard his brother’s “voice” talking to him. This was followed by other spirit voices.

Eventually, the news release reported, Tim said he began seeing these spirit “friends.” They had one thing in common. While claiming to love Tim, they all hated Christians. Tim was glad to find beings who hated God as much as he did.

In this fascinating account, Tim relates how he grew up consorting with spirit “guides.” These evil beings led him into the worst traps snaring young people today: drugs, sex, forbidden practices, occultism and Satanism.

Hoping for fulfillment, Tim found only anguish and misery. He became a frequent patient in hospitals, psychiatric wards and rehabilitation centers for drug addiction and suicide attempts.

Nothing helped Tim, the news release said. He was unable to find relief. Even death eluded him. Finally, suffering from drug-ravaged liver failure and other illnesses, with no food or money, Tim knelt by his bed in desperation and asked God to either kill him or give him some measure of happiness.

Tim tells how a remarkable encounter with Jesus Christ then took place. Jesus came down through the ceiling and spoke to him. Tim understood he would have a mission. It wasn’t easy. He found churches were not always willing to accept a former Satanist.

However, God directed his steps to an Oral Roberts University professor who was willing to mentor him and help him take his place in the church.

Tim’s book is a great read for anyone, especially for people who have dabbled in the occult, or grown up hating God for any reason.

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