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A Pakistani couple and their sons have faced death threats ….

Leonard and Nosheen D’souza who were attacked

A Pakistani couple who co-produced a dramatic new documentary on the terrible events that took place in Korian and Gojra in 2009 when Pakistani Christians were burned alive by extremist Muslims, have since faced life-threatening threats.

Husband and wife team, Leonard and Nosheen D’souza who, along with Professor Anjum James Paul of the SHADOW Organization, produced the dramatic documentary called “Burning Alive: The fate of Pakistani Christians,” have now told the ASSIST News Service (ANS) about the threats.

Leonard D’souza, who along with his wife, founded the South Asian Research and Resource Center (, said that after the documentary was released and also after he produced some 18 research reports on the plight of minorities in Pakistan, including one called “Religious Fundamentalism and its Impact on Non-Muslims” — funded by Church of Sweden — life has become very dangerous for him and his family.

He told ANS that on May 7th, 2010, he and his wife Nosheen, along with their two sons, Leslie and Loren, were driving slowly in heavy rain in their Honda car in Islamabad towards a medical store in a local supermarket, when “five mullah type persons with long beards and white caps on their heads, jumped in front of our car.”

He went on to say, “They stopped the car and one of them attacked me and dragged me out from the vehicle. The others covered the heads of my wife and sons, while one of them slapped and abused me.

“The man shouted, ‘You, who, through USAID, work for Chuhras [menials i.e. Christians] and blame us throughout the world. Stop all of this immediately otherwise, after killing you and your wife, we will treat your children in such way that Americans dogs and whole worlds will understand that what are the consequences of talking against us.’”

Leonard D’souza went on to say, “There was no sign that we would be spared, but fortunately a few people began running in the heavy rain towards my car. When the attackers saw this, they ran away to a nearby street.”

He concluded by tell ANS that that he and his family have since been forced to leave Pakistan to “save our children from Islamic extremists who want to kill them both for their own jihadist purposes.”

Dan Wooding, ANS

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