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A very different kind of Olympic Ministry in London

British culture throughout its history and social engagement has been thoroughly rooted in city, regional and rural communities within the Christian context.

One only needs to have a cursory knowledge of English history to know that the English reformation went hand in hand with Government Parliamentary Legislation. Great leaders such as John Wesley and William Wilberforce have had a profound influence upon the nation to name just two of a multitude of such people.

Great missionary societies came out of England not least William Carey who took missionary Gospel to India and Hudson Taylor to China. Books such as Five Great Christian Leaders of the C17th illustrate the breadth and depth that the Christian message had upon the nation.

The Welsh revival is another. Famous cricketers became missionaries and Bishops. Chariots of Fire celebrated the life of Eric Liddell the 1932 Olympic 400 meter Gold medalist who later died in a Japanese prison camp during WWII in China. The great London preacher of the late 19th century Charles Spurgeon was so influential that copies of his sermons were sold the next morning on the streets of London and on the docks.

England and freedom to express the Gospel of Jesus Christ go hand in hand and so when London was awarded the 2012 Olympics, many Christian churches, mission agencies and missionary groups saw an open door for evangelism of such moment the world has never seen previously.

The Olympics is when the nations of the world come together in a dedicated time of political non-militarism so as to compete with each other through the talents and skills of their peoples.

Media Reports indicate an open door

These are just some of the hundreds of media reports indicating how broad and accepting the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been presented:

A praise bus following the torch ( )

Youth With A Mission band tours during the Olympics ( )

Hundreds of Olympic Opening Night events run by churches throughout Britain ( )

Remarkable testimonies ( )

Olympic family members ( )

The Olympics is about Champions ( )

Throughout England churches utilising London Olympics ( )

Olympic Athletes runs to honour God ( )

Athlete family housing – More Than Gold ( )

The list goes on and on plus there is radio and television, IPTV and social media, and it’s huge and breathtaking as to how the freedom of present the Gospel allows such astonishing evangelism.

The Press Service International London Olympic Media Team is just one many such media groups getting this message throughout the world so even those from the far flung quarters of the world might be engaged in the Gospel through these London Olympics.

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