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A New, Improved Chat for French-Speaking Christians

We’re very excited to announce that a New, Improved Chat for French-Speaking Christians is coming soon. t’s currently scheduled for next week.

Chrétiens en réseauCHRETIENS EN RESEAU is the Leading French-Speaking Christians Network on the internet with more than 9,000 members. Most of the Network’s members like real-time chatting. For those Christians, chat is very important. The new chat has provides a solid foundation for the future.
First and foremost, the new Chat has been completely rewritten for HTML5. That technology is the next generation of HTML, and it’s going to provide Christians with a lot more options. For example, the new Chat will work on an iPad or iPhone (as well as many other phones and devices). The old Chat was written in Flash, which made it limited in both what it could do and how it could be developed further. By rewriting it completely in HTML5, it will undoubtedly work better and be more consistent and reliable. (If you’re a power user of chat, you’ll probably notice a difference right away.)
The Chat was moved to the footer to allow members the ability to easily show and hide chat according to their preference. This footer convention has become the norm on the Internet over time, so it makes sense to make this change. Perhaps most exciting about location options is that we’re supporting both a pop-out chat and a full-page chat. Our guess is that most people will use the pop-out version the most, and it’s probably the best option. The pop-out chat works for both private chats and the group, network chat.
When you want to privately chat with someone, you can simply click on their member name (either in the member list or in network chat), and a new private chat window will open up. If you’ve had prior conversations with that person (in the same browser), they’ll show up; you can continue where you left off. If you’re the recipient of a private chat, a new pane will open up on the left when someone starts a private chat with you. At any point in time, you can pop out a private chat window and even close it out (x) if you wish. The history of the chat will stick around, so don’t feel hesitant about closing out private chats. If you’re in a private chat and click on a member’s name, you’ll open up their profile page, which can be handy if you need to, for example, go further into a conversation and start a private email message. The number of chat windows you have open will depend on the size of your browser window. If you have a 50-inch browser you can go absolutely insane with the private chats. If not, you might want to use the pop-out version.
If some members prefer to not hear sounds, they can choose to turn them off. Want some custom sounds? One other detail that you may like about this chat is that you’ll see a small notification badge when in private conversation panes that are minimized. It will display the number of posts you’ve received from that person since you minimized that pane.
There is a limit to 500 people in the chat at one time.
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