A new Church of God established in Ukraine

God has enabled the Church of Good Changes Church of God to purchase a former Soviet Cultural Center for a church facility, which will be a Christian youth center foremost, but will also be used for Sunday services, holiday events, conferences, concerts, and so forth. Youth events will be ongoing.

The Church of Good Changes Church of God’s new location is on the fringes of a war zone. The building was used as a movie theater.

Remodeling and reconstruction are a big factor, but when completed the hall will accommodate up 1,000 people. The complex is a beautiful place in the downtown part of Mariupol, across from a new sports stadium. The new property has surpassed all of their expectations. Extensive repairs are needed, such as repairing the roof and installing a heating system.

What makes this a miracle is the fact that the church purchased another building 17 years ago which was inhabited by Mariupol’s underground homeless children. The congregation dedicated it for the work among the waifs, and continued to rent other places for church services. With the new purchase, they will now use their former building for a rehabilitation center … a dream they’ve had for many years.

Pastor Gennadiy Mokhenko states: “God is faithful. While giving our church building to the homeless children 17 years ago, we received a very luxurious gift! We’re not scared by the remodeling difficulties. We celebrate a new important step in the life of Good Changes Church!”

If you wish to donate to the Good Changes Church for this project, please use Project #132-9308

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Pastor Aloys Evina :Aloys Evina is a pastor of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) in La Rochelle, France. He is also a doctoral candidate at Bethany Seminary. He travels extensively throughout the world, sharing God's message of love, hope and restoration.