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A Movie Fostered Friendship—and Salvation

Sangita, like this woman, heard more about Jesus when missionaries visited her home.

Perhaps only God knows what made Sangita Tambe watch the film about Jesus. A priestess devoted to her traditional religion, she did not respect Christians. In fact, she never wanted to see a Christian person or hear anything a Christian had to say.

But on March 13, a Gospel for Asia-supported film team came to Sangita’s village to show Man of Mercy, a movie about the life of Jesus. When the team announced they were going to show the film, the villagers excitedly welcomed them. Oddly, Sangita showed up among the interested audience.

Before playing the film, the missionaries shared about Jesus—why He descended to earth and died on a cross. Then they prayed for the audience and started the movie.

After the moving portrayal of Christ’s life finished, the missionaries spoke to the crowd again and encouraged them to open their hearts to Jesus. By this point, God had done something in

Sangita’s heart. She approached the missionaries and spoke to them privately, inviting them to her home.

When the missionaries visited Sangita’s house, she who had once been hostile to Christians now treated them respectfully. But the Lord’s impact on her heart did not merely stop at that: She actually told them she wanted to follow Jesus. They spoke some more with her about Jesus’ love and then prayed with her. Formerly a priestess who worshiped gods created by man, Sangita now belongs to the royal priesthood of those who believe in Jesus!

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