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A Miracle in the Faroe Islands

It is a long way from the remote Faroe Islands, a small group of islands situation between Norway and Iceland with a population of just 48,000, to Brisbane, Australia.

Dr. Rana praising God during the conference

But a Christian doctor from there was one of the 220 delegates that had travelled from 30 countries to attend the 8th Annual Christian Medical Conference June 11-12, 2011, in Brisbane, and he brought with him some good news.
Dr. Jenis av Rana, who works as a physician in Tórshavn, the capital  of the Faroe Islands, said in an interview with me that despite the small population, “there are so many believing Christians in the islands and God has blessed us so much and the that the Faroe Islands is now sending many missionaries out to other countries.
“We are also seeing many miracles in our islands,” he added. “I am a doctor who fully believes in the power of prayer and divine healing.”
Then he shared with me a “recent miracle” that he said took place in the life of Eydun Jacobsen, a “well-known singer and song-writer” in the Faroe Islands.

“This took place about six week ago,” said Dr. Rana. “Eydun Jacobsen is a Charismatic Christian who is about 55 years of age and is well known for his songs about loving God and following him. He is also known in other countries in Scandinavia for his songs.
“But then, about six months ago, he suffered a stroke which resulted in him not being able to use his left hand, legs and he also had trouble speaking. When he had the stroke he was taken to the hospital and because the effects of it were so severe, he was kept there for several months.
“After four months, they told him one Friday evening that couldn’t help him anymore. By then he was not able to use his left leg or his left hand as the fingers were paralyzed.”
Dr. Rana said that the singer-songwriter was discharged and went home, but became frustrated because he couldn’t play the guitar or piano anymore.
“He attends a good church that believes in miracles and on a Sunday evening shortly after leaving the hospital, and halfway through the meeting, he wondered if God had forgotten about him as he was still unable to use his limbs,” said Dr. Rana.
“He finally went out to the cantina to eat and he sat and talked to another man at the table. His grown up daughter came to look for him and when she found him, she said, ‘Dad, they’re praying for people now. You should come and be part of it.’ However, he wasn’t so sure saying that people had prayed for him so many times before for his healing and he was still sick. He then told his daughter, ‘I’ve tried and tried, and nothing works.”
The doctor said that the daughter persisted and asked him to please come for prayer one more time. But he still wouldn’t go with her saying that if God wanted to heal him, he would have done so by now.
Dr. Rana then said, “Finally, he relented and went back into the church but still was complaining to himself saying, ‘Why am I going inside here. I have tried it so many times before and it hasn’t worked.’
“Two young men were praying for the people and they looked at him and asked him to come over to them. They then laid hands on him and started to pray and suddenly he felt something begin to happen in his arm.
“His fingers then started to open and within a few seconds he was totally healed. He could walk quite normally where he couldn’t before. He could use all the fingers all the hand there was no problem at all.”
“It was amazing. The following day (Monday morning) he went to the hospital and he met the physiotherapist and some others who were there to try and help him after the stroke and he told them, ‘I am healed.’

“They looked at his hand and asked him what had happened and he told them that the Lord had healed him. All of his limbs were now working normally and he is now back and able to play his wonderful music.”
This was just one of many amazing healing stories that I heard about during this unique “Spirituality and Medicine” Conference. Besides, many case studies with medical data flashed onto large screens, the delegates were blessed by the beautiful Korean worship group that had traveled from Seoul, Korea, to participate.
At the end of the conference, it was announced that next year’s World Christian Doctors Network conference will be end near the end of May in Nairobi, Kenya.
Note: I would like to thank Robin Frost for transcribing this interview.

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