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A Macedonian Call from Nepal

Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. First of all I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Pastor Devaraj Bhandari from Nepal and a key part of my ministry is church planting and also taking care of orphans through our orphanage.

The Macedonia Church’s Christmas program

My vision is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached people in the villages and communities of Nepal and to take care of orphaned and abandoned children. I have been in the full time ministry for last 13 years.

I thank God that He has placed me and my family in Nepal to serve Him and preach the gospel to Nepalese people. Nepal is a very beautiful country with a lot of natural scenery, which includes Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, and a colorful culture.

However, Nepal remained closed to evangelism until 2006, when it became a secular country. Before that, it had always been the sole official Hindu kingdom in the world. Now the door is wide open for sharing the gospel.

But still, a great percentage of Nepalese people have not heard the gospel and do not follow the one and only true God, and the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that the Nepali people deserve the hope and assurance that the gospel gives to all the nations, languages and people groups.

God loves the Nepalese people as he loves all others and we also want to show them the love of God and preach His good news. We are here to take care of the fatherless as he has asked us to do in His Word.

Orphaned children

At our orphanage, we now have 16 precious children that are provided food, accommodation and good and a godly education that they would never have had if they were not brought into it. However, our mission is not completed here, but it is just started. We have begun to see the needs of so many children that have lost both their parents and homes during the political conflicts that lasted over ten years.

Many young girls were forced to be prostitutes and many young boys are forced to be child laborers since they have no other way to survive. Yes, we cannot take them all in to the orphanage, but we take in as many as we can.

Our children’s work has become one of our most glorious ministries since it gives us the opportunity to become their parents, show them the love of God each and every day, as well as teach them about Lord Jesus Christ. We pray every day that eventually, they will become missionaries to the various parts of the Nepal, as well as the place from where they came from. Even now, our children are very helpful in both the home and our church.

At children’s home, the older boys and girls help take care of the smaller boys and girls in cleanliness, sports as well as in their studies. I praise God for these precious children and for what they are doing in the ministry.

In the church, these children play instruments, make up a large part of the choir, and some take leadership roles among the youth and are in general a vital part of our church ministry. They walk great distances to other places in support of our outreach, as well as bringing music and witness to those to whom we are trying to reach.

The Macedonia Church was started in April 2004 in Dhulikhel (Dhu-Lee-Khel), which is about 20 miles southeast from Kathmandu, the capital and largest metropolitan city of Nepal.

Dhulikhel has for many centuries been an important trading center on the ancient commercial route linking Nepal to Tibet. Since time immemorial, the people of Nepal travel to Tibet to bring home salt and gold. Likewise, the Tibetans every year with their flocks of sheep enter into Nepal during Dashain, the greatest Hindu festival. They purchased chilies and other daily necessities in Nepal and return to their homeland.

In those days, a whole day walk from Kathmandu to Dhulikhel was comfortable for Tibet trippers with easily available of food and water at Dhulikhel at the evening for overnight stay.

Even now, a bird’s eye view from the resorts at Dhulikhel to the landscapes; highway to Tibet and horizons far to the Tibetan borders, clearly exhibits Dhulikhel as the gateway of Tibet. After adjoining with Tibet by motorable road in 1965, Dhulikhel got a face lift and developed as a tourist destination both for Tibet trippers and tourists. Dhulikhel is an ideal station to stop for overnight stay while going to Tibet and coming back to Kathmandu.

Now, our ministry in Dhulikhel has grown by the grace of God and is continuously increasing in numbers. Our Macedonia Church has over 70 baptized members and about 100 regular attendees.

So far, we have distributed thousands of tracts, booklets, New Testaments, and Bibles. We have been able to share the gospel to hundreds of people in and around Dhulikhel. Yet, there is so much more that we want to accomplish.

Dear brothers and sisters, our vision is to start churches in every village where there is no church. There are 90 villages in Kavre District (county) where we are located. Out of 90, there are only 17 villages that have churches in them leaving 73 villages without convenient access to a church. In Nepal the primary transportation for the poor, which is most of the population, is by foot. So having local churches is essential if we want sustainable success in the ministry.

Our goal and vision for the ministry is to establish one church in each village delivering the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to the people and, after salvation, empowering them by teaching and discipling, to share the gospel with the people of that community.

Pastor Devaraj Bhandari with his family

In another neighboring district, Sindhupalchok, we have very similar situation where there are 79 villages and only 27 of them have a church. Our goal there is the same. In a nation which is only two percent Christian, our challenge is great, but our opportunity to share the gospel is even greater.

Brothers and sisters, we cannot accomplish all these goals by ourselves. We greatly appreciate your continuous prayers, your personal, encouragement and your financial support. We know there are many rewards waiting for you in heaven. We pray that the Lord richly blesses you even in this world. As we want to reach many people and places with the gospel of Jesus Christ, establishing many churches and taking care of as many orphaned and abandoned children as we are financially able. We ask you to please pray for more individuals, churches, and mission boards to come alongside and partner with us for the furtherance of the Kingdom of the Lord God Almighty in Nepal through Christ Jesus our redeemer.

About Nepal

A beautiful scene in Dhulikhel

Nepal is a beautiful landlocked country, which is located in between India and China. Nepal, home to Mount Everest, is dominated by the world’s most imposing mountains. It is 56,826 square miles in area. Eighty percent of its territory is occupied by the dramatic peaks of the Himalayas. Nepal was closed to foreign Christian missions until 1951, a situation which contributed greatly to its mystique to the missionaries. Nepal’s 28 million inhabitants belong to dozens of different ethnic groups.

They can be divided roughly into Hindus (who live mainly in the lowlands) and Buddhists who live in mountain villages close to Tibet. Hindus, who make up over 80 percent of the population, dominate political and religious life here and more than 90 percent of the people of Nepal are very poor.

Our Vision

The Lord has graciously saved me and used me in His Kingdom’s work for over 13 years. Therefore, I love to share God’s love with the Nepalese people. I want to carry the gospel of Jesus and share His salvation message with the people who have not heard the gospel throughout Nepal. After we preach the gospel, and see the fruits of our labor, we want to plant local Churches throughout our region of Nepal.

Vision Statement of Macedonia Church

The Macedonia Church exists to help and encourage people to know Jesus Christ and be His disciples in the guidance of the Word of God and power of the Holy Spirit.

Vision Statement of the Macedonia Orphanage

The Macedonia Orphanage is committed to care for the children that the Lord gives us, raising them in an environment where they receive good physical care, a well-rounded bilingual (Nepalese and English) education, genuine parental love, and spiritual teaching by Christ centered foster parents.

Current Ministry

Currently, we have a church in Dhulikhel and we are partnering with several other churches in different parts of the country. Many places where we evangelize have no transportation, electricity, conveniently available drinking water, telephone, or even a hospital. We sometime walk for hours to lead a house fellowship and also for street evangelism. Besides being poor, most of the people we minister to are not educated. My heart’s desire is to preach the gospel in those areas, establishing churches, training leaders and expanding the Kingdom of God.

Our orphanage has 16 orphaned and mistreated children. Most of them come from very remote areas of the country. Some of them are victims of a 10-year long civil war between the government troops and Maoist Communists. During the war, over 14,000 people died leaving thousands of children to be orphaned and homeless. There is a great need to take care of these children. Some of our girls were in great risk of being sold to become prostitutes when we found them. We praise God for the opportunity to take care of these children and look forward for the opportunity to take care of many more.

I therefore request you to pray for us, the country of Nepal and the ministry of our Macedonia Church and Macedonia Orphanage in Nepal.

As you know, Nepal was closed for the gospel for many generations and now we have this window of opportunity without our new found religious freedom to preach the gospel. We don’t know how long this freedom will last in an 80% Hindu nation, so we want to make the most of this opportunity. The work is far beyond our own abilities. Therefore we need churches, people, and organizations teaming up with us to enable the Nepalese people to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you feel the Lord is leading you to partner with this ministry or are simply interested to know more about our ministry in Nepal, please contact us at the following address:

Macedonia Church and Orphanage
G.P.O. 8973, N.P.C. 440
Katmandu, Nepal
Cell Phone: 977-9741090204
Home Phone: 977-11-490798
Office: 977-1-6220352

I hope and pray that the Lord speak to your heart through this letter and give you a vision for Nepal. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours in Christ, Pastor Devaraj Bhandari.

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