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A report from the Hearts of Love Mission Trip to Konotop

As we began our first chapel hour on day one of our summer camp at the Hearts of Love special needs children’s Centre in Konotop, Ukraine, strong winds blew over our makeshift HMS Obedience ship this morning. At least the rain held off and the sun came out as last night it poured down.


Peter Wooding at the camp

But with much giggling, help was at hand as team members took it in turns to hold the sails, held together by sticky tape and bamboo sticks and dug in the ground. We then performed a sketch on board the HMS Obedience where the sailors were learning to trust and obey their captain, but there were some mischievous pirates disguised as sailors scheming away as well.

We then taught the children how they can learn to trust and obey Jesus as captain of their lives.

Then when we told the story of Noah, who learnt to trust and obey God, using Bible in felt, all hands were on deck to make sure all the felt pieces didn’t blow away.


His daughter Anna Wooding (far) right leads worship dancing at the camp

After chapel hour the children split into different age groups for craft activities and made their sailor’s hats to wear throughout the camp.
In the afternoon the children could choose from our range of camp master classes, including dance (with my daughter Anna, who’s here on here first ever mission trip), music with Jon, football [soccer] and basketball with Dan and art and photography with Lisa.

Already our team has quickly bonded with all the children here, with lots of laughter, hugs and piggy backs. As I write this blog I can hear the team giggling away as they practice their lines for tomorrow’s drama onboard the HMS Obedience ship. Let’s hope it doesn’t blow over again tomorrow.

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