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A new Book on Church of God Founder Richard G Spurling

A new book about Church of God founder R.G. Spurling was released during the recent Church of God International General Assembly in Orlando, Fla. Written by Dr. James M. Beaty, R.G. Spurling and the Early History of the Church of God explores the life and ministry of Richard Green Spurling and his family. Desiring to establish a church based on the New Testament and love for God and neighbor, R.G. Spurling and his father, Richard Spurling, planted the Church of God in 1886.

Copies of R.G. Spurling were first made available at Pathway Bookstore in the Exhibit Hall of the Orange County Convention Center where Beaty signed books at the Heritage Exhibit.

Church of God Historian Dr. David G. Roebuck writes, “As a long-time student and scholar of Church of God history, Dr. Beaty’s love for our heritage and desire to help others understand our spiritual fathers and mothers led him to conduct extensive research about our Church of God founders and pioneers. In doing that research, he has found and examined many new sources. His research is extensively documented, and includes Spurling’s writing along with an unpublished biography by R.G. Spurling’s son. This book is the most complete portrayal of R.G. Spurling and his family that has been published. It is a must read for anyone who wants to know about the history of the Church of God.”

All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to improve the library of the Church of God Theological Seminary in Haiti. To inquire about a copy, contact

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