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‘The Doctor’ wins the script category at Life Fest Film Festival

Nazi Period Script on Euthanasia, ‘The Doctor’, by Claire Hutchinson, M.A., wins the script category at Life Fest Film Festival.

At the inaugural Life Fest Film Festival held on April 15-16, 2011 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA, screenwriter Claire Hutchinson, M.A., took home top honors in the script category with her Nazi period drama, “The Doctor”, about the German Euthanasia Campaign in Hitler’s Germany.

Claire Hutchinson, M.A., pictured with her award with Brian Johnston, organizer of the Life Fest Film Festival

The logline is: In Depression-era and Nazi Germany, a Hitler Youth, bent on achieving success in the face of his father’s suicide, becomes a high-ranking psychiatrist in Hitler’s euthanasia program. But when Hitler’s plan extends to the doctor’s own mental patients, the doctor must finally choose between his moral conscience and his loyalty to Hitler and the values of Nazi Germany.

“What got me interested in the story was another story that Dr. Ted Baehr, founder of Movieguide® (, ran on his website called ‘Neo-Nazis’ Kill Terry Schiavo. I wanted to find out how the German Euthanasia program was similar to what happened to Terry. Needless to say, after seven months of researching the era, I was shocked and horrified at what Hitler did.

“His euthanasia program started first with killing those who were deformed, then it extended to the mentally ill, then to others who were challenged in some way, whether physically or mentally, then to the aged, then even to Hitler’s own injured German troops.

“Finally, Hitler extended it to the concentration camps, where he had Jews, other races, political prisoners and prisoners of war gassed in the ovens.”

Hutchinson went on to say, “We cannot take the step to legalize euthanasia, because we will repeat the atrocities that Hitler committed.”

When asked why she entered this particular script into the Festival, Hutchinson replied, “‘The Doctor’ was a perfect fit for the Life Fest Film Festival, because it shows how we must value every life, even the weak and helpless. Life Fest celebrates films and storytelling that underscores the unique value of every life, and the importance of protecting innocent human lives.”

What was it like to win the Festival? “Winning was the most encouraging moment of my career thus far,” she said. “It was great to have my peers validate my goal of promoting eternal truths through storytelling; truths that have their basis in the Christian faith. The Nazi era was a period of history where life was not regarded as sacred.”

What is the current status of the script? “We are currently looking for funding and/or a producer,” said Claire. “The script has been read by some well-known producers and directors. Hopefully, this win will result in the script being produced and distributed around the world as a means of educating people on the dangers of legalizing euthanasia.”

You can contact Claire at or at 204-292-4095, or through her agent Terry Porter at or at 310-228-7935.

You may reach the Life Fest Film Festival at The Festival is ongoing online from May 1-October 31, so you can still submit your material. Submissions for Life Fest 2012 open November 1, 2011.

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