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‘The Cloud and the Line’ – Alternative Thoughts on Morality

“The Cloud on the Line,” by Paul Clayton Gibbs, looks at alternative thoughts on morality. Often the Christian faith is merely focused on what you should or shouldn’t do, which ultimately produces Christians that are ineffective or fake. Gibbs defines line-dwelling as: “The way we define and confine ourselves by trying to work out what we can and cannot do as Christians—what we deem morally correct and morally wrong.”

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He shares there are two extremes we seem to follow in Christianity.

“At one end, we look for a cut-off point of what we can get away with. At the other end, we create a cut-off point of how far we have to go to gain the rewards we seek.”

Gibbs expresses that there is a better way to live – understanding God’s motive behind the principles that He lays our before us.

“Following Jesus is not about a moment of faith but a faith lifestyle. A lifestyle that sets its sight higher than rules and looks to the Spirit behind them… It is not a ritual but the Spirit that reproduces Jesus in our lifestyle.”

Throughout the Old Testament, a cloud was used as a symbol of God’s presence. “The Cloud and the Line” focuses on what it looks like to be a cloud-dweller. The book covers six principles that help us to understand the heart of God when it comes to how He interacts with people.

Gibbs uses Hebrew definitions, history and symbolism to delve deeper and understand the context of Jesus’ teaching. He shares personal and humorous stories from his own life, and the lives of others throughout history, to further illustrate these life-giving principles.

Throughout the book, Gibbs uses the metaphor of a knight to emphasize the bravery and valiance of people who truly understand the heart of their King.

“The Cloud and the Line” is pertinent book for the modern church, avoiding legalistic thinking, without compromising biblical standards.

Gibbs is the founder of the international ministry, The Pais Project. They offer free youth ministry training to young people, through partnering with local churches and sending teams within schools to disciple students. Their motto is “Missionaries making missionaries.” Pais is currently working in seven different countries and quickly expanding.

The Cloud and the Line is the second book in Gibbs’ Kingdom Trilogy. It will be released this summer. Check for it on Amazon.

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