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‘Homeless in the City II: A Mission of Love’

As long as I’ve known him, ASSIST News Service Senior Correspondent Jeremy Reynalds has always led an amazingly busy life.

Dan Wooding interviewing Jeremy Reynalds during a visit he made to Southern California

In addition to turning out numerous stories for ANS, he also has a more than fulltime job overseeing New Mexico’s largest emergency homeless shelter, Joy Junction. However, his love for the homeless precedes Joy Junction.

It was 1982 — four years before the birth of Joy Junction — that Jeremy began working on his God-given calling in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He began a ministry for the homeless called His Place, which in four years played a quite a large part on the city’s social service landscape.

In 1986, more than a little tired after only taking off four short days in as many long years, he resigned that ministry, telling God, “Never again. I want something a little easier!”

However, as Jeremy now likes to say, “Never tell God ‘never.’” Later in 1986, after encouragement from others and prayerful reflection he established Joy Junction, However, he admits that he had no idea that ministry included budgeting, keeping neighbors happy, and dealing with local government agencies such as fire, health, and zoning departments.

Wanting others to learn from his mistakes, although I’ve no idea how he found the time to do it with the ever increasing demands on his time at Joy Junction, Jeremy penned his latest book.

It’s an autobiographical guide called, “Homeless in the City II: A Call to Service” (published by Westbow Press).

Cover of the new book

In this amazingly practical book, Jeremy provides practical advice on a variety of issues. They include what it takes to run a non-profit ministry, spiritual advice for those called to the service ministries, early life lessons from his childhood in Britain, and day-by-day experiences from serving the homeless in Santa Fe, to starting Joy Junction.

In addition, the book contains stories of the precious souls who have fallen on hard times (many of who we pass by daily, often without a glance) and gotten back on their feet again with the help of the Lord at Joy Junction. I was deeply touched by the tales of their almost incredible plight.

“Homeless in the City II” also encourages readers to obey God’s calling to them, especially if that calling leads them to full-time ministry.

Jeremy’s story inspired and challenged me to pay more attention to the needy and oppressed among us. I hope that you will buy the book and regard its modest purchase price as an investment. Read it and see what the Lord could be saying to you during this holiday season. As I was writing this article, I was reminded of the saying that we only have one life to live and it’s only what is done for Christ that will last. Maybe, like Jeremy, He wants you to get involved in sharing HIS Love to the least of His brethren.

You can learn more about the book by going to:

In case you’re wondering, Jeremy was born in England (yes, another Brit!) and immigrated to the U.S. in 1978. In 1986, he founded Joy Junction, now New Mexico’s largest emergency shelter. During his tenure as CEO and Founder of Joy Junction, he earned a Masters in Communication from the University of New Mexico and a PhD in Intercultural Education from Biola University in Los Angeles. His previous titles include: “We All Need a Little Help” and “Now you See Me,” as well as numerous other articles and books. You can contact Jeremy by e-mail at:

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