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The Indian Rescue Mission (IRM), an organization that works for the rescue and rehabilitation of minor children, sold, trafficked and forced into prostitution, rescued a 16-year-old girl from the clutches of her oppressors from a red light district in Pune on Tuesday, March 15, 2011.

According to James Varghese, Founder President of the Indian Rescue Mission, who coordinated the raid, said that one of IRM’s investigators during their routine investigations found the girl and tried to talk to her about her situation and personal details.

In her conversation, the girl revealed the fact that, she was sold to the brothel keeper in Pune City by her own uncle for the equivalent of $,2200 USD. She also told him that as she had lost her father in her childhood days, and had decided to find a job by doing some household jobs.

But making use of that opportunity, her uncle promised to provide her a job in Pune city and finally sold her to a brothel keeper and the girl ending up in the sex trade.

Speaking about the incident, James Varghese, who is also a special correspondent in India for the ASSIST News Service in India, said “On the day of raid, we approached the local police and they cooperated well and conducted this successful rescue operation. They also arrested the brothel keeper.

“After she was rescued and the girl was placed in a government shelter home for further rehabilitation.”

The brothel from where she was rescued

Varghese added, “I want to thank all the people who supported this rescue financially and also with prayer support.”

During an Interview with the girl conducted by Varghese, she told him she hated her work and did not want to continue with her prostitution. She stated that her desire now she was free, was to find work so she could help pay for the education of her younger sister.

“I do not want my sister to be cheated in a similar way I was,” said. “I would also like to thank the Indian Rescue Mission for my rescue.”

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Jacob Philip works as Correspondent for a newspaper called “Halleluiah” in India and also serves as the assistant correspondent in India for ASSIST News Service. Jacob lives in Bangalore and runs a software development business.